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NetWorth Realty of Galveston

Dear sir, I have just closed a deal with Ross Parks out of your new Galveston office (first one for that office I believe) and just wanted you to know that Ross went above and beyond during this deal.

His estimate of repairs was dead on and his ARV estimate was actually below the appraised value, this is to be commended but I consider that the added value he should be providing. When our usual contractor couldn't do this job Ross took it upon himself to get a couple bids on it for us which we really appreciated.

At the closing table we were told that we would be funded in a day or two and when we weren't we became concerned but Ross went to bat for us and kept us in the loop until we finally got funded. This was a huge relief and frankly I don't think many folks would have gone that far after his part if the deal was done.

Please let Ross know that he is appreciated down here in Galveston county and if this is how he does business then you better watch out for this guy!

With much appreciation,

~Todd P.

NetWorth Realty of Houston

I currently have 57 rentals and a large portion of those rentals came from NetWorth Realty. I've bought 16 rental properties from them, producing over $6k per month in positive cash flow and I'll continue using them as a valuable part of my real estate investing team.

~Blake Y. (Investor) - Ross Parks (Sales/Acquisition Associate)

NetWorth Realty of Austin

I wanted to let you know that Daniel Canales in the Austin area did a great job for my purchase and goes above and beyond what I expected from an agent in this type of industry. He met me at the property immediately and had all of the info I needed to make my decision on the spot.

I like to give credit when it’s deserved. Thanks to Networth Realty for their help.


~Sal (Investor) - Daniel Canales (Sales/Acquisition Associate)

NetWorth Realty of Austin

Our plan always was to make this house as nice as possible for a re-sell and to get some quick cash out of it (and some income). Once this house sells and i get my capital back plus a nice profit I will definitely be using NetWorth Realty to try to find another house.

~Robert (Investor) - Christopher Costello (Sales Associate)

NetWorth Realty of Dallas

Hey Darrell, I FINALLY got the Refinance done. I am VERY happy with the end result

NetWorth Purchase Price: $85K

Rehab: $14K

Appraisal: $141K

Equity: $42K !!!

Monthly Payment: $757

Rent: $1200

Income: $443 !!!

I am extending my break through the end of February (my other job needs attention). I’ll be back in touch in Feb/March to buy my next deal from you.

~Lee (Investor) - Darrell Adams (Acquisition Associate)

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