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Locating quality wholesale real estate can be the largest barrier to success for individual real estate investors. NetWorth Realty provides exceptional wholesale investment opportunities to investors, without membership fees or dues. You can leverage your time and efficiency as an investor by using NetWorth Realty’s staff and services.

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NetWorth Realty can help locate and obtain the best possible financing for your business plan. Our lending institutions are available for our clients to use for all types of investment strategies from flips to long-term rentals.

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NetWorth Realty will provide rehab consultation and access to an extensive network of knowledgeable contractors to help renovate and add value to your investment. Rehab and renovations, done properly, allow for large increases in value.

*Investor is solely responsible for the repairs and ultimate success of any investment property.

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NetWorth Realty can help you choose the best exit strategy for your business model and can provide market exposure and expertise to help make the most of your investment opportunity.

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