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Frequently Asked Questions

Networth Realty:

Why NetWorth Realty?

NetWorth Realty, LLC is a full-service residential wholesale real estate brokerage. We are experts in our field. Our associates are all fully licensed real estate agents and loan officers and have perfected the skill of finding quality wholesale properties and making them available to you, the investor.

In addition to finding the best properties that our cities have to offer, we also provide support for anything that may come up along the way. We offer assistance in financing, insuring, inspecting, remodeling, renovating, pricing, renting, and/or selling. We specialize in helping as much or as little as needed.

NetWorth Realty is an established wholesale firm with resources all over Texas, Colorado, Georgia, and Minnesota. We work hard to find the right property, in the right neighborhood, to fit any and all of your needs.

What is wholesale real estate?

Wholesale real estate is real estate bought and sold at a deep discount. We are most often able to provide our investors with properties for 45-55 cents on the dollar. This means that there is plenty of room left over for profits, once all repairs are complete.

It is virtually impossible to find real estate at a cheaper discount.

How many properties does NetWorth Realty have available?

We sell an average of 20 homes per office, per month, ensuring that we average one house per day becoming available. In addition, most of our properties are sold within 48 hours of becoming available so our inventory of available houses is ever changing.

Because of this, our associates work around the clock to ensure that we consistently have new wholesale deals at all times.

How much does NetWorth Realty charge for their services?

Our fee is built directly into the sale price of the property and varies depending on specifics of each property. However, we most often average 5% less than an average real estate commission.

We do not charge any additional costs or hidden fees for our services, industry contacts, guidance, or assistance in making you a successful investor.

Am I required to pay a membership fee?

Networth Realty does not charge membership fees or dues, we solely make our money on the investment opportunity, and our fees are already included in the price you receive from us. There are no hidden costs or back end charges.

How reputable is NetWorth Realty?

We have assisted thousands of investors in an honest and professional manner and we strive to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our investors. Please read here to see what investors have said about us in the past.

NetWorth Realty (and all of it’s affiliates) are members of the Better Business Bureau. All of our associates are Licensed Realtors, as well as licensed loan officers. The president of each of our offices is also a Licensed Real Estate and Mortgage Broker. Local affiliations include: Houston: Real Estate Investors Club of Houston, Houston Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors, Dallas: National Association of Property Managers, Texas Real Estate Investors Circle, Metro Tex Realtor Association,National Association of Realtors, and DFWREIN; San Antonio: San Antonio Board of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors; Austin: Austin Board of Realtors, Texas Association of Realtors, and National Association of Realtors; Atlanta: Georgia Real Estate Investors Association, Atlanta Real Estate Investors Alliance, Georgia Association of Realtors, National Association of Realtors.

Does NetWorth Realty guarantee success?

We stand behind each and every one of our properties. We pride ourselves on being as accurate and open as possible, in relation to the costs and time-frames associated with renovating a wholesale investment property.

We are not able to guarantee success as not everything is within our control. However, be assured that NetWorth Realty will do everything necessary and possible to assist our investors and guide them towards success.

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Steps & Procedures of Investing:

What are the first steps I take to building my networth?

What are the first steps I take to building my networth? The first step to building your networth through real estate investing is to contact our office. One of our highly-trained and knowledgeable associates will sit down with you to discuss what kind of investment opportunity is right for you as well as how we can assist you in achieving your investment goals. At that time, you will receive a listing of all wholesale properties currently in our inventory for you to take a look at.

How do I secure a deal?

Once you find the right property, a down payment on the property is required. Because our deals are sold quickly, it is our policy to give priority to the first investor that makes a down payment on a property.

How do I take a property from NetWorth Realty and turn it into a success?

We assist you in covering all of the cornerstones to successful real estate investing. The biggest hurdle to overcome is finding the right property. We specialize in finding wholesale properties in the right neighborhoods in your price range.

Upon locating the property in our inventory that best accommodates your needs, we can assist you in securing the best financing for the property, and your business plan. We have many financing options available to put you in the best position.

Next, we can assist you in finding qualified and affordable contractors, painters, plumbers, or any other service industry workers you may need to renovate your investment property. Let our network go to work for you!

Last, is your exit strategy. It is here where you begin to collect your profits. Whether you decide to sell immediately, rent, or owner finance, we will assist you in successfully getting the job done and help you plan for the future.

What if I change my mind after putting a down payment on a property?

Once you submit a down-payment on a property, you are stating that you would like to purchase that investment property and we take it out of our inventory of available properties.

Should you change your mind, we would first sit down and discuss what changes occurred and attempt to resolve the matter and move forward to a successful closing.

If no resolution is possible and you decide to end the contract to buy, you would forfeit all monies paid.

What do I do if I have no experience with the rehab process?

Networth Realty will be able to ensure your success in repairs by providing you with a list of qualified contractors. We can provide you with several contacts for each of your repair needs, so that you can make an informed decision on repairing or remodeling your investment opportunity.

Why do I have to meet with an associate before I can look at a property from your inventory?

At NetWorth Realty, our main focus is the success of our investors. In order to achieve this, we concentrate on building relationships with individuals that are serious about real estate and profit building. We do not provide real estate investment opportunities to just anyone.

In meeting with our associates, we are able to fully understand exactly what you, as an investor, are looking for in a property. There are many different factors such as price, location, and scope of work necessary that must be taken into account. We will be better equipped to make a more efficient process by meeting with you and answering these questions.We also can help you locate the proper financing to make your investment opportunity a success.

In turn, our investors are given the opportunity to better understand who we are as a company as well as begin to build a lasting relationship with our associates and immediately begin to receive available properties before anyone else.

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Investment Properties:

How long does the process of buying a home take?

The majority of our deals are closed within two weeks, with the exception of properties that have title issues that need correcting. With such a short closing time, financing can become a issue. Networth Realty can help you be prepared by ensuring that the financing you decide to use will be successful.

What if I can't get a clear title on a property I put a down-payment on?

If clear title cannot be obtained from a reputable title company, we will refund all down-payment monies and move forward in finding a different investment property that is right for you.

Do you inspect all of your properties?

We do not have a formal inspection done on a property. We address all issues that are visibly noticeable and figure a number that will remedy those problems. If there is a problem with a main component of the property (such as electrical, air conditioner, roofing, etc.), we will acquire a price for repairs from a licensed contractor in that particular field. It is in the investor’s interest to do all of their own due diligence before entering into a contract on one of our properties. In the event of unforeseen repairs, we will aid you in every way possible.

Can I do my own inspections?

Yes you are welcome to do any and all inspections while the property is accessible. However, your inspections must be completed prior to contracting the property with us.

Where do closings take place?

All closings will take place at a local title company that has established a lasting business relationship with us. As an investor, you will receive clear title and title insurance on all properties purchased from Networth Realty.

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Interested Investors:

What does NetWorth Realty offer to a first-time investor?

For a first-time investor, we offer comprehensive, full-service guidance to walk you through the process. We assist in all of the cornerstones of investing: finding the investment, funding, fixing, and future planning to ensure success. We have a network of industry experts for you to contact as well as an abundance of resources, knowledge, and experience that we will put towards making your investment a success.

What does NetWorth Realty offer to an experienced investor?

For the experienced investor, we offer wholesale investment opportunities in all of the greater Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio areas. We have a team of associates who are dedicated to finding the best possible wholesale properties available in our markets.

We also have an abundance of industry contacts nationwide that could help further your success in residential real estate investing.

We fully understand that there are seasoned investors who have been in the industry for an extensive amount of time. We can align ourselves with these investors and build a mutually beneficial relationship by helping save the time and energy that is necessary to continually find investment properties for your business.

Why use Networth Realty if I am able to find my own deals?

The answer is simple, why leave an army behind to fight the battle yourself? Networth Realty leverages your time by having our associates look at hundreds of houses every week and by using their expertise to negotiate the best possible price. We want and expect you to look for houses on your own, that makes good business sense, but good business practice also incorporates buying the good deals we provide.

How do I get on your “list” of investors?

Becoming an investor with Networth Realty is an easy 2-step process. The first step is to meet with one of our qualified associates in your local office to get all questions and concerns addressed and to get an idea of your personal business plan. The second step is walk through a property in our inventory that fits your business plan, accompanied by an associate, to view all visible repairs needed and go over the respective costs associated with those repairs.

How often can I expect a call regarding new property in your inventory?

Once you have met with an associate and sat down to look at your business plan and/or goals for your business, we will contact you regarding properties that you may be interested in immediately. We average 20 deals per month in any office location, so you could receive a new investment opportunity almost everyday.

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Why do you recommend using hard money or bridge financing?

Hard money financing is necessary because the houses we provide as wholesale deals are most often offered to you in a distressed condition and are unable to qualify for long term financing. Because of this, a high interest rate, short term loan, such as a hard money or bridge loan, are necessary in the investment real estate business.

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